House Fly – Appearance, Behaviour, Diet and Facts

House Fly – Appearance, Behaviour, Diet and Facts. Most of them have the same life cycle and have an average life span of a month. They can only be differentiated by their physical attributes, feeding habits or habitats. Out of these 100,000 types of flies, housefly is the most common breed of.

Crane Fly FactsAnatomy, Diet, Habitat, Reproduction.

Crane Fly FactsAnatomy, Diet, Habitat, Reproduction. The crane fly (Tipula abdominalis) is a group name applied to all those insects that belong to the family of Tipulidae. They are also called daddy-long-legs. Crane flies occupy nearly every continent except that some of the flies typically occur in the tropics.

House & Fruit Fly Facts for Kids - What Do Flies Eat?

Fly Facts for Kids. Baby flies are called larvae but they are also known as maggots. Medical doctors use a special species of maggots to help patients with flesh wounds, especially burn victims. Maggots eat away the damaged flesh, which helps the wound heal. Learn about the Fly Diet: What Do Flies Eat? Housefly DietHowStuffWorks The fly vomits saliva and digestive material onto its meal, and after a few seconds pass for the juices to break down the food, the fly sucks everything back up. While this may sound rather bizarre to us, remember that the fly isn't adding anything to its food that we don't add to ours.Firefly Squid Facts, Habitat, Diet, Adaptations, Pictures Physical Description. Size: Adult firefly squids are 1.5-3 in (4-8 cm) long. Weight: They weigh around 0.31 oz (9 g). Color: Some are yellow, while others are either white or blue. They emit a strong blue radiance through the dotted photophores (light producing cell) found on their head, mantle, hands, and tentacles and around the eyes.Tachinid Fly - Insect, Bugs and Spider Identification An adult Tachinid Fly looks ugly, but grotesque diet of the larva feasts on a caterpillar's insides, saving the most important organs for until the end. Tachinid Flies are covered in spiky black hairs. This species has a white face, red eyes, and a black body. A female Tachinid Fly will lay one or two fertilized eggs on, or near, a caterpillar.Grasshopper - Facts, Diet & Habitat Information A Grasshopper is an amazing insect that can leap 20 times the length of its own body. If you or I could do that, we would be able to jump almost 40 yards! A Grasshopper does not actually ‘jump’. What they do is use their legs as a catapult. Grasshoppers can both jump and fly and they can reach a speed of 8 miles per hour when flying.
  • Butterfly Facts For KidsButterfly Habitat & Diet
  • Butterfly Facts For KidsButterfly Habitat & Diet. Fundamentally speaking, a butterfly is a day-flying insect belongs to the Lepidoptera order. There are four parts of the butterfly’s lifecycle namely; egg, larva, pupa and adult. Nearly all species are diurnal. They have brilliantly colored wings.

    Fruit Fly Behavior: Problems, Characteristics & More

    Fruit Fly Behavior. Fruit fly populations can be a problem in restaurants, homes, supermarkets, food plants, warehouses and any other locations where food is processed, served or stored. Fruit fly infestations are difficult to eradicate, particularly if the source of the infestation is not found. Some Characteristics of Fruit Flies


    Caddisfly: Caddisfly, (order Trichoptera), any of a group of mothlike insects that are attracted to lights at night and live near lakes or rivers. Because fish feed on the immature, aquatic stages and trout take flying adults, caddisflies are often used as models for the artificial flies used in fishing.

    house fly - Musca domestica Linnaeus

    Flies commonly develop in large numbers in poultry manure under caged hens, and this is a serious problem requiring control. Although this fly species does not bite, the control of Musca domestica is vital to human health and comfort in many areas of the world. The most important damage related with this insect is the annoyance and the indirect.

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