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The American wigeon is 18-23 inches in length with a wingspan of 33 inches. The male has a brown back and chest, a black rear and tail tip and a white belly. He has a white crown and forehead and a iridescent green patch the runs over his eyes to the back of his neck. The female is mottled brown with a brownish-gray head and The legs and feet are blue-gray to dark gray.

American Wigeon Anas americana, information from the.

American Wigeon, Anas americana The American Wigeon was formerly called the Baldpate, because the white forehead of the male was said to resemble a man's baldhead. This white crown is conspicuous when these ducks are in mixed flocks in grain fields, marshes and shallow water.

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The American wigeon is 18-23 inches in length with a wingspan of 33 inches. The male has a brown back and chest, a black rear and tail tip, and a white belly. He has a white crown and forehead and an iridescent green patch runs over his eyes to the back of his neck. - Wildlife Journal Junior
Anas americana American wigeon The American wigeon is most likely to be confused with the Eurasian wigeon, which is seen only rarely in North America. In alternate plumage, the adult male Eurasian wigeon is most easily distinguished from the adult male American wigeon by its red head and gray back and sides.American Wigeon American Wigeons breed in freshwater wetlands in the northeastern corner of the state. Breeding occurs uncommonly in other parts of eastern Washington and in a few areas on Puget Sound (Everett in Snohomish County and Kent in King County). The majority of the American Wigeon's breeding range is north of Washington.American WigeonNorth Dakota Game and Fish Wigeon are common during migration, and nests in low densities throughout the state. Food habits: Feeds in wetlands on stems and leaves of aquatic plants, and occasionally waste grains. Fun Facts: Another common name for this duck is baldpate. Wigeon often feed near diving ducks, snatching away plants the diving ducks have brought to the surface.American WigeonAmerican Wigeon Mareca americana (formerly Anas americana). A rare vagrant in the UK from North America. Individuals are found in Norfolk most years, usually among flocks of Eurasian first two photos below show birds in their native North American range, the next ones show vagrants in Norfolk and the remainder are captive birds.American Wigeon Identification, All About Birds, Cornell. Females and nonbreeding males are warm brown with a brownish gray head and a dark smudge around the eye. Both sexes have a pale gray bill with a black tip. American Wigeons congregate in groups on lakes and wetlands, where they nibble aquatic vegetation from the.
  • All About American Wigeon Ducks - waterfowl identification
  • American Wigeon. They have pinkish-brown breast and sides that are separated from the black undertail coverts by white flank feathers. In flight, the white shoulder patch is diagnostic. The legs and feet are blue-gray to dark gray. Female American wigeons have a gray head with a brownish black crown and brownish chest and sides.

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    The American Wigeon (Anas americana) is a distinctive species with a perky attitude and one of the most northerly breeding distributions among North American dabbling ducks. Highest breeding densities occur in the tundra and boreal forests of Alaska, the Northwest Territories, northeastern British Columbia, and northern and central Alberta.

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    Mareca americana (used to be Anas americana) American Wigeons are medium sized dabbling ducks. Males in breeding plumage have a cream to white forehead and crown with a broad green patch starting behind the eyes extending to the nape, they have pinkish brown flanks, breasts and backs with a section of white in the flanks and black undertail coverts.

  • A review of the status and identification of American.
  • Status and identification of American Wigeon Footnote: 1 Linear regression: r2=0.003, F 1,41=1.74, NS Fig.3. Arrival dates of American Wigeons Anas americanain Britain & Ireland, 1958-2001 (presumed returning birds are excluded).The greatest numbers arrive in October and November, although there also appears to be a pronounced passage during spring.

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